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Inotech Encapsulator


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This apparatus allows the immobilization in a matrix (natural or synthetic) of bacterial, mycelia cells or others components (cellular enzymes, remainsÖ). It is mainly intended for a use on a laboratory scale or R&D.


Once the polymeric mixture/composed with encapsulated is carried out, this last is extruded with through the head of extrusion.

Obtaining a homogeneous jet of balls is carried out by the adjustment of parameters: the air intake or the adjustment of the pump with syringe and the frequency of the generator.

The formation of the balls is obtained by the vibration of a membrane on which is to fix a magnet. This magnet is subjected to a permanent change of the surrounding magnetic field thus generating the movement of vibration of this last.

Thereafter the balls thus formed plunge in a solution of polymerization and are then collected via a blow-off valve. The advantage of such a device lies in its capacity to be pressure-sealed.



Model : IE 50R - Inotech Research Encapsulator

Capacity : 10 - 1000 ml

Diameter of the balls : 0,2 - 2 mm

Production capacity : 40 - 4000 balls/dry.

Flow : 100 - 2500 ml/h (according to the size of the balls)

Viscosity : max 300 mPa (tube of 0,5 mm)

Dead volume : < 0,3 ml


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Immobilization of a mycelial strain by entrapment

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