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Gas chromatograph with olfactory detection


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The system is composed of:

- 1 gas chromatograph (GC), Agilent 6890
- a detector by ionization by flame (FID), Agilent
- a olfactory detection port (ODP 2), Gerstel

The introduction of the sample can take place in several forms:

- injection via injector (liquids)
- injection by the transfer line coming from a purge and trap (Tekmar) (liquids, solids, foams)
- injection by SPME (Solid Phase Micro Extraction) (liquids, solids, gas)


Detection can be carried out by two different apparatuses (independently or in combinations):

- the detector by ionization by flame (FID) which is used like traditional detector in system GC-FID

- the olfactory detection port (ODP) is composed of a mask out of inert glass coupled to a humidifier, of an inert capillary (not of stationary phase in the column) which established connection between the chromatographic system and the mask via a heated interface. In this case, the detector is the nose of the operator. By breathing throughout the analysis the compounds separated by gas chromatography, the operator is able to note the specific odors of each compound.


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