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 Xavier Nicolay

Telephone : +32 2 526 73 80
Fax : +32 2 526 73 88
Email :
Department : Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Dept.


Ingénieur Chimiste, Biochimiste des Industries de Fermentation (1994), Institut Meurice - Ingénieur Chimiste de Bio-Industries (1996), Universitré Libre de Bruxelles,

Diplôme Spécial en Gestion d’Entreprise (2007), Ichec.

Project Leader of several R&D programs in the field of bioepuration: industrial air treatment (Volatile Organic Compounds), industrial wastewater and solid waste.

General Expertise : bioaugmentation and microbiological maintenance of biological pollution treatment systems.


FIRST BIOFILTRATION(Walloon Region, sa SIMA-SACA): Development of an innovative and efficient technology for VOC’s Biofiltration , the CECSI technology (Cell Entrapment in a Coated System Immobilization). Pilot biofilter (1,5m³) for on site experimentations and industrial biofilter dimensioning.

FIRST FONGICAP (Walloon Region, sa WETLANDS Engineering, Unité de Microbiologie- Université Catholique de Louvain): Study for the production of laccase by immobilized filamentous fungal strains. Laccase is an oxidative enzyme for the treatment of dyes in industrial waste waters, textile industry.

FIRST SPIN-OFF (Walloon Region, sa SIMA-SACA):Development of an optimaliezd technology for the bioaugmentation of industrial biofiltration equipments. Controlled Release.

BLUES Project(asbl MEURICE R&D, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Institut Meurice): Technological Pilot Development for bioleaching of Powdered Electric and Electronic Waste: the recovery of heavy and precious metals. Collaboration Ph.D. Sébastien Van Aelst (U.L.B.)


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Biofiltration mobile pilot unit


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Gas biofiltration with immobilized micro-organisms

Production of enzymes to fade and detoxify industrial waste water effluents

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