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 Anne Pietercelie

Telefoon : +32 2 526 73 52
Fax : +32 2 256 73 01
E-mail :
Dienst : Department of Brewing Sciences and Fermentation Technology


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Anne Pietercelie is engineer in Biochemistry, specialized in Brewing Sciences since 1990. Until 1999, she was in charge of different applied research projects with private partners like production and drying of genetically modified yeast for livestock food purposes; continuous microwave and Joule effect heat treatments of particulate fruit product which enhance quality while maintaining safety; study of manufacturing process of non fermented frozen dough; purification of an apolipoprotein of pharmaceutical interest at semi-pilot level; attaché Indutec for the Institut Meurice.

Since 1999, she is assistant at the Brewing Sciences dpt of the Institut Meurice, in charge of students training in Brewing Sciences.

Her main research area is focused on nutritional characterization of beer (folates, polyphenols…). She is manager for basic analysis on beer and raw materials like conventional mashing, hop analysis, barley and malted barley analysis. On beer : bitterness, haze, foam, CO2, polyphenols, organoleptic profile (esters, fusel alcohols, diacetyl, VDK…), sugar content, tasting session, alcohol, extracts, colour, attenuation, shelf-life prediction, FAN, microbiology, brewing yeast maintenance and propagation for breweries, experimental brew (1Hl)…


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Alcolyzer® : Alcohol meter for beer and DMA 4500 : Density meter from Anton Paar

Lab and online beverage carbonation meter from Anton Paar

NIBEM-TPH and Inpack 2000 from Haffmans

VOS ROTA 90/25 : Turbidity Meter from Haffmans


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