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Details on a skill

Development of a beer receipt


Technical aid:

Development of a beer receipt,

fermentation test in EBC column,

production test on a 1hL pilot scale installation

analyses on beer.

Key words: Brewery, Analyzes, Microbiologie, Chromatographie, Fermentation, Recette, Bičre



Partner(s) :

Brasserie de Cazeau (Sodecaz SPRL)
Brasserie l'Imprimerie


Connected centres





Connected persons

 Anne Pietercelie


Connected equipment

AlcolyzerŽ : Alcohol meter for beer and DMA 4500 : Density meter from Anton Paar

Beer filtration pilot plant

CarboQC : Lab and online beverage carbonation meter from Anton Paar

Gas Chromatograph 8000 series 2 from Perkin Elmer

Micro brewery pilot plant

NIBEM-TPH and Inpack 2000 from Haffmans

VOS ROTA 90/25 : Turbidity Meter from Haffmans

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