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Freeze dryer


Freeze dryer

Bulk or in vials freeze drying is the softer way to dehydrate sensitive products

This technology is usually applied to varous foodstufs or drugs.

Manufacturer : Martin Christ

Model : Epsilon 2-8 D

Ice condenser capacity : 8 kg

Ice condenser performance : 6 kg/24h

Ice condenser min. temperature : -85°C

Shelf temperature : -50°C to +80°C

Dimensions of shelves : 275x365 mm

Quantity of shelves : 4

Distance between shelves : 55 mm or 110 mm

Operation : temperature and pression profiles via software

Recording : GMP like mode

Accessories :

Frames with removable bottom for vials loading

Frames for bulk liquid products

Product temperature sensor (x2)

Lyosensor for the detection of liquid water during the entire run


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Dry formulations of biofongicides

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