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Details on an item of equipment

Autoclave MBG


This MBG autoclave allows to accomplish different sterilisation cycles at humid heat.

Different steps of temperature can be programmed in order to realize either sterilisation or pasteurisation. It is about a horizontal sterilisation unit which chamber capacity is 500 litres.

The cycle is recorded via a suitable software. Thanks to the probe, the temperature can be measured in the core of the product. This equipment is controlled every year by AIB-Vinçotte.


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 Alain Durieux


Connected skills

Technological assistance in microbial and enzymatic engineering

Pilot scale culture of micro-organisms

Dévéloppement of symbiotic formulations

Fermentation of micro-organisms on a 200 L pilot scale

Dry formulations of biofongicides

Immobilization of a mycelial strain by entrapment

Scaling-up of processes designed for peptides fermentation and purification

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