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Fermentation Unit 200l


Fermentation units of 200L real:

This biofermenter (B. Braun 300 DS) is used for the propagation of microorganisms such as yeasts, bacteria and moulds at pilot scale or production scale.

It is representing a total volume of 300 litres and the tank is entirely in stainless steel.

Several peripherals are connected to the fermenter in order to control the growth conditions.

This is suitable for aerobic or microaerobic growth. The tank can be sterilized in situ at 121°C.

The temperature is regulated by means of a double envelop. The propagation can be realized in both ways: batch or fed-batch.

This unit is connected to an acquisition platform (MFCS) allowing the collection of the different fermentation variables (T°, pH, PO2, feedings …).

Those units allows to optimize the production conditions of the biomass (probiotics, starters, biofongicides…), the metabolites (organic acids, ethanol, …) or the proteins (enzymes, recombinant proteins…) at pilot or production scale.


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 Alain Durieux

 Catherine Saint-Hubert

 Elisabeth Bodo


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Pilot scale culture of micro-organisms

Fermentation of micro-organisms on a 200 L pilot scale

Scaling-up of processes designed for peptides fermentation and purification

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