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Centrifuges CEPA


Centrifuges CEPA : 3 units

Those centrifuges are semi-continuous centrifuges allowing the separation of the biomass and the supernatant (to empty manually). It is about clarification units. UBT has 2 refrigerated models with stainless steel yield-cylinders (steam-sterilisable):

  • Model: Z61 h

Maximum speed:17.000 rpm

Maximum force: 15.000 g

Cylinder capacity: 9 litres

Max settling biomass capacity: 6 kg

Number of units: 2

Refrigeration: 4C

Feeding rate with a peristaltic pump: 50 l/h


  • Model: Z41 G

Maximum speed: 20.000 rpm

Maximum force: 16.500 g

Cylinder capacity: 2 litres

Max settling biomass capacity: 1,5 kg

Number of units: 1

Refrigeration: 4C

Feeding rate with a peristaltic pump: 15 to 20 l/h



Those centrifuges allow harvesting a settled biomass presenting a dry weight of 20 to 30% w/w. They are suitable for the harvest of bacteria of yeasts.


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 Alain Durieux

 Catherine Saint-Hubert


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Microencapsulation of Probiotic products for human and animal consumption

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