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Details on an item of equipment

Sorvall centrifuge RC 12B


It is a discontinuous centrifuge unit allowing separating the biomass from the culture broth.

It is about a clarification unit.

Maximum speed: 4.700 rpm

Maximum force: 4.000 g

Rotor type: H 12000

Total cylinders capacity (6): 12 litres (2 litres per cylinder)

Max settling biomass capacity: 200g up to 4 kg

Number of units: 1

Programmable cooling: down to 0C


This centrifuge allows settling the biomass of a suspension presenting dry weights between 25 to 30% w/w. It is suitable for either bacteria or yeasts suspensions.


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 Alain Durieux

 Catherine Saint-Hubert

 Elisabeth Bodo


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