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Details on an item of equipment

Filtration unit


This unit allows accomplishing ultrafiltration as well as diafiltration or tangential microfiltration. According to the application.

The porosity of the filtration membranes is going from a cut-off of 1kD up to 300kD for ultrafiltration or 0.1µm for microfiltration.

Those filtration membranes are available in different material (plyethersulfone, cellulose, cellulose acetate…).

The filtration area is comprised between 0.7 and 7 m2. The maximum inlet pressure is 4 bars.

This unit can manage dozens of litres up to 1 m3. The membranes are regenerable and can be sanitized with caustic soda.


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 Alain Durieux

 Catherine Saint-Hubert

 Elisabeth Bodo


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