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Details on an item of equipment

Cell disrupter Panda


This apparatus (Panda NS 1001 / Niro-Saovi) can be used as cell disrupter or high pressure homogenizer for making of fine emulsions.

Depending on the type of utilisation the compression head should be adapted.

In disruption mode, it is possible to lysate suspensions of yeasts of bacteria in order to release the intracellular metabolites.

The maximum applicable pressure is 1500 bars. Generally, a pressure between 1300 and 1500 bars is enough to lysate the cells. Several cycles are possible.

The initial suspension requires a viscosity inferior to 20.000 cP and should not contain particles with a size superior to 5 mm.

For the cellular suspensions, the dry weight should not exceed 10 to 15% w/w.

The temperature of the suspension can be maintained at 4C at the inlet and under 30C at the outlet to limit the heating during the process.


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