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3 Climatic Chambers Binder KBF 240 et KBF 240 ICH


Climatic chambers Binder: 2 chambers KBF 240
1 chamber KBF 240 ICH

The climatic chambers KBF 240 allow packaging of samples and simulating conditions of temperature and relative humidity.
The ranges of temperature and humidity are functional:

-10 C up to 100 C
- Between 10% and 90% rH System (humidification and dehumidification controlled by microprocessor)

The enclosure allows recording and programming conditions of determined temperature and humidity. The internal volume of chambers is 240 L.


The KBF 240 ICH has, in addition, a lighting system for photostability testing. The spectrum of light emitted by the climatic chamber KBF-ICH conforms to the conditions described in the directive ICH Q1B.

These climatic chambers are intended for real or accelerated aging studies and the DLC studies combined or not with sensory and microbiological analysis.


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