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 Laurence Van Nedervelde

Telephone : +32 2 526 73 51
Fax : +32 2 256 73 01
Email :
Department : Department of Brewing Sciences and Fermentation Technology


Studies : 1989 : Brewing Engineer from the Meurice Institute in Brussels.

1991 : Engineer in Chemistry and Agro-food technology from the University of Brussels

Since 2003, she is Head of the department Brewing Sciences of Meurice Institute in charge of both education and research and development. She is involved in many research projects in fundamental sciences (yeast metabolism, organoleptic stability of beer, acid beers characterization like gueuze, kriek…), in applied sciences for tailor-made projects with private partners to encounter the specific needs of industry (Inbev, Meura, Puratos…). She is also manager of various projects state funded like FIRST projects.

The main research activities include : selection of industrial yeasts (brewing purpose, bioethanol production...); genetic manipulation and improvement of brewing yeast (ester production during fermentation, modification of biosynthetic fluxes to avoid off-flavour compounds, carbonyl compounds reduction by yeast, …); yeast as eucaryotic model for cosmetic or pharmaceutical studies; natural antioxidants and activators extracted from yeast; nutritional characterization of beer (folates, polyphenols, …); development of new fermentation technologies (immobilisation technique, fed batch propagation, on-line measurements); process improvement such as beer filtration (renewable filter aid).


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Connected equipment

Beer filtration pilot plant

Gas Chromatograph 8000 series 2 from Perkin Elmer

Micro brewery pilot plant


Connected skills

Fermentation Activator

Tasting and analyzes of drinks

Analyze of wort and beer

Project of technical aid with the distilling of Biercée

Analyze of soya hydrolyzed flour

Brewery : Services and technological assistances

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