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 Grégory Ploegaerts

Telephone : +32 2 526 73 60
Fax : +32 2 526 73 01
Email :
Department : Department of analytical chemistry


Graduate industrial engineer in 1997, i worked two years in a laboratory of quality control of pharmaceutical products (certified ISO 9000 and accredited EN45001). I was responsible for the analyses by atomic spectroscopy.

I then entered to the analytical service of chemistry of the Meurice institute for the job of assistant of research.

To supervise students at the time of their practical activities and the exercises and to dispense the courses of spectroscopy and the quality assurance in an analytical laboratory form part of my daily.

At the request of colleagues or industrialists, I occupy myself to develop specific procedures and to analyze their samples.


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Analyze of nitrogen “kjeldahl” and volatile acids or bases

Atomic absorption spectroscopy

Atomic emission spectroscopy ICP

Molecular absorption spectroscopy

Polarography and voltametry


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