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The complementary nature of its expertise in chemistry and biochemistry enables Meurice R&D to address the environmental technologies sector in an innovative manner and to offer, by dint of this multidisciplinary nature, integrated solutions to its industrial partners.

MR&D has for example invested in the biological purification sector by carrying out research into the denitrification of drinking water, the biofiltration of air, the bioremediation of soil and the selection and propagation of specialised strains. This last activity permitted the creation in 2002 of the spin-off, IMBP, of which the main activity is the production of microbial starters for the environmental sector.

The development activities range from consultancy in the management of processing equipment to the sizing of industrial installations, by way of the implementation of microbiological solutions and pilot testing on site.

MR&D possesses additional equipment for analyses of effluents on site and also has access to the cutting-edge analytical infrastructures of the Meurice Institute for specific routine analyses or for the development of original techniques.


Connected persons

 Xavier Nicolay

 Alain Durieux

 Vincent Dubois


Connected equipment

Polarography and voltametry

Atomic absorption spectroscopy

Atomic emission spectroscopy ICP

Gas chromatography

Gas chromatography coupled with mass detector (GC-MS)

Biofiltration mobile pilot unit


Connected skills

Census of the active companies in the field of the recovery and the recycling of wastes

Technological assistance in microbial and enzymatic engineering

Microbiological study of biofiltres

Development of a denitrification process for ground water

Gas biofiltration with immobilized micro-organisms

Screening of fatty acids degrading bacterial strains

Improvement of processes and formulations containing micro-organisms used in environmental applications

Collaboration between IMBP S.A. and MEURICE R&D

Production of enzymes to fade and detoxify industrial waste water effluents

Controlled release bioremédiation for polluted soils

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