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The interdisciplinary developments carried out in applied research by Meurice R&D are supported by wide-ranging expertise and a comprehensive variety of equipment specific to chemical and biochemical processes, from the laboratory up to implementation on pilot scale.


The diverse topics addressed within the context of numerous industrial research and development projects include:

  • Unitary drying operations (freeze-drying, fluidised bed and atomisation).
  • Unitary filtration operations (bio-, micro-, dia-, ultrafiltration, filtration on plates or candles, study of adjuvants, etc.).
  • Purification of proteins from the milligram to the gram on compacted resins or in fluidised bed.
  • The encapsulation of living cells or active principles by inclusion in gels or by coating.
  • The development of recipes and processes on a pilot microbrewery.


The complementary nature of these capabilities most notably permits the integration of downstream processing activities, from fermentation to the final formulation of metabolites or micro-organisms.


Connected persons

 Xavier Nicolay

 Alain Durieux


Connected equipment

Spray Dryer Niro Production Minor

Fluidized Bed Dryer Niro Aeromatic

Jet Cutter

Freeze dryer

Fluidized bed dryer Glatt

Spray dryer Niro Mobile Minor

Biofiltration mobile pilot unit

Autoclave MBG

Centrifuges CEPA

Filter Press Seitz –Orion

Powder Blender

Sorvall centrifuge RC 12B

Inotech Encapsulator


Connected skills

Spray drying of latex

Drying of vegetable extracts in a fluidized bed

Microencapsulation of Probiotic products for human and animal consumption

Quality of the coating on an active ingredient

Microbiological study of biofiltres

Development of a denitrification process for ground water

Gas biofiltration with immobilized micro-organisms

COST Action 840 - Bioencapsulation

Production of two plant lectins by recombinant Pichia pastoris

Production of phytoagglutinin PHA-E

Pilot scale culture of micro-organisms

Scaling-up of processes designed for peptides fermentation and purification

Dévéloppement of symbiotic formulations

Virtual Institute for bio & microencapsulation science and technology

Production of enzymes to fade and detoxify industrial waste water effluents

Immobilization of a mycelial strain by entrapment

Controlled release bioremédiation for polluted soils

Dry formulations of biofongicides

Development of a beer receipt

Brewery : Services and technological assistances

Continuous alcoholic fermentation and yeast propagation in Fed-Batch mode

Fermentation Activator

Analyze of soya hydrolyzed flour

Project of technical aid with the distilling of Biercée

Natural antioxydants extracts of yeast

Use in fermentation of a peptide factor extracted from yeast

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