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Destined to develop a long tradition of fermentation and microbiology, Meurice R&D has built up unique know-how within the framework of industrial and academic collaborations. Its expertise applies both to bacteria and to yeast and fungus.

Meurice R&D is a leading partner for traditional microbiological analyses across all fields, and also specialises in the rapid quantitative and qualitative determination of contaminants encountered in the brewing and food industries via the Real-Time PCR technique.

Its command of traditional and cutting-edge microbiological technologies permits the selection and/or improvement of strains via genetic modifications for diverse applications.

The identification of strains and their tracing using specific markers calling upon the full range of molecular biology techniques also forms part of this field of activity.

These applied skills are based on numerous more fundamental research projects relating in particular to the study of metabolic paths and their regulation mechanisms.


Connected persons

 Alain Durieux

 Xavier Nicolay

 Laurence Van Nedervelde

 Catherine Saint-Hubert


Connected equipment


Connected skills

Study of the glycine's qualities

Technological assistance in microbial and enzymatic engineering

Microbiological study of biofiltres

Development of a denitrification process for ground water

Screening of fatty acids degrading bacterial strains

Improvement of processes and formulations containing micro-organisms used in environmental applications

Dévéloppement of symbiotic formulations

Microencapsulation of Probiotic products for human and animal consumption

Production of enzymes to fade and detoxify industrial waste water effluents

Immobilization of a mycelial strain by entrapment

Controlled release bioremédiation for polluted soils

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