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Its expertise in microbiology, biochemistry, and analytical and bioorganic chemistry has allowed Meurice R&D to invest in the health sector in the broad sense of the word.

Its biotechnology arm has developed numerous projects aimed at producing and formulating probiotic agents. The production of recombining proteins with therapeutic usages or which enable the development of diagnostic tools also represents an important activity allying fermentation and purification.

Similarly, natural antioxidants active against skin cell and articular ageing are extracted from yeast, the eukaryotic model par excellence, and purified.

Characterisations of essential oils, like studies on the metabolisation of food fibres, also have a link with human health which is resulting in the development of functional foods. Quite special interest is also paid to the qualitative and quantitative detection of allergens in finished food products, their ingredients and production chains.

The perfected analytical instruments which Meurice R&D has at its disposal are used both for the development of testing methods for the pharmaceutical industry and the structural characterisation of molecules of interest facilitating the understanding of their reactional mechanisms.


Connected persons

 Alain Durieux

 Anne Pietercelie


Connected equipment

Jet Cutter

Freeze dryer

Spray dryer Niro Mobile Minor

Proteins Purification columns

Äkta Purifier 100

ÄKTA pilot GE Healthcare

LabScan and ImageQuantTL

Fermentation Units 10l

Fermentation Unit 100l

Fermentation Unit 200l

Fermentation Units 2l


Connected skills

Analyses of volatile compounds in feedingstuffs by multidimensional GC sniffing-ms

Study of the glycine's qualities

Quality of the coating on an active ingredient

Heterologous expression systems for the production of metabolites

Scaling-up of processes designed for peptides fermentation and purification

Dévéloppement of symbiotic formulations

Microencapsulation of Probiotic products for human and animal consumption

Natural antioxydants extracts of yeast

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