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With the benefit of over 15 years’ experience in sensorial analysis, Meurice R&D’s researchers carry out studies tailored to address business’s corporate issues (consumer tests, descriptive & discriminative tests, training, etc.). They also play a supporting role in more general research projects (new formulations, packaging modifications, ageing studies, etc....).

Meurice R&D has also garnered experience in the research and development of alternative solutions to chemical additives for the preservation of foods. Several programmes have been devoted to the production of bacteriocins, the post-harvest preservation of fruit (biofungicides), and the production and formulation of starters and probiotics by using their fermentation capacities and drying tools.

In the brewing field, one of the oldest biochemical industries, the research activities are focused on the physiology of yeast, its aromatic compounds and the exploitation of its natural anti-oxidant extracts. The organoleptic stability of beer and other fermented drinks, along with their nutritional characterisation, also form part of our capabilities.


Connected persons

 Alain Durieux

 Claire Lehoux

 Philippe Pate

 Laurence Van Nedervelde

 Anne Pietercelie


Connected equipment

Freeze dryer

Fluidized bed dryer Glatt

Spray dryer Niro Mobile Minor

multidimensional gas chromatograph

Atomic absorption spectroscopy

Atomic emission spectroscopy ICP

Gas chromatography

Gas chromatography coupled with mass detector (GC-MS)

Analyze of nitrogen “kjeldahl” and volatile acids or bases

Fermentation Units 10l

Fermentation Unit 100l

Fermentation Unit 200l

Fermentation Units 2l

Gas Chromatograph 8000 series 2 from Perkin Elmer

VOS ROTA 90/25 : Turbidity Meter from Haffmans

Micro brewery pilot plant

CarboQC : Lab and online beverage carbonation meter from Anton Paar

Alcolyzer® : Alcohol meter for beer and DMA 4500 : Density meter from Anton Paar

Beer filtration pilot plant

NIBEM-TPH and Inpack 2000 from Haffmans

Gas chromatograph with olfactory detection

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC-VWD-RID) Agilent

Chromameter Minolta CR-300

Glossmeter Minolta multi-gloss 268

3 Climatic Chambers Binder KBF 240 et KBF 240 ICH

Soxhlet extraction system Büchi « B-810 »

Dietary Fiber Filtration Unit - VELP « CSF 6 »

Mineralization and distillation equipment « B-323 »


Connected skills

Analyze of food fibres

Development of a food additive

Analyses of volatile compounds in feedingstuffs by multidimensional GC sniffing-ms

Emulsified foodstuffs

Improvement of the quality of smoked salmon

Sensory analysis of yoghourts with fruits

Study of the glycine's qualities

Drying of vegetable extracts in a fluidized bed

Dévéloppement of symbiotic formulations

Microencapsulation of Probiotic products for human and animal consumption

Development of a beer receipt

Brewery : Services and technological assistances

Continuous alcoholic fermentation and yeast propagation in Fed-Batch mode

Fermentation Activator

Tasting and analyzes of drinks

Analyze of wort and beer

Analyze of soya hydrolyzed flour

Project of technical aid with the distilling of Biercée

Physicochemical beer analyses

Natural antioxydants extracts of yeast

Development of beer recipes

Use in fermentation of a peptide factor extracted from yeast

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