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Meurice R&D’s researchers can offer partners or potential collaborators the analytical expertise which they have developed and the cutting-edge instruments at their disposal, permitting qualitative and quantitative analyses and also product characterisation using the following techniques:

  • Chromatographic (GC, GC-MS, HPLC, etc.)
  • Spectrometric (UV, Visible, IR, Fluorescence and Phosphorescence, ICP, SAA, RMN, etc.)
  • Electrochemical
  • Non-instrumental
  • Physical and physicochemical (rheology, granulometry, characterisation of surfaces, hardness, etc.)
  • Sensorial analysis

Their interdisciplinary nature allows them to address issues as diverse as the analysis of complex reaction mixes, the analysis of liquid and gaseous industrial effluents, the characterisation of porous solids and catalysts, analyses of beers and their raw materials, the dosage of metals in different matrices, and analyses of liquid and film paints in accordance with the ISO and ASTM standards, etc..


Connected persons

 Vincent Dubois

 Alain Durieux

 Grégory Ploegaerts


Connected equipment

multidimensional gas chromatograph

Molecular absorption spectroscopy

Polarography and voltametry

Atomic absorption spectroscopy

Atomic emission spectroscopy ICP

Gas chromatography

Gas chromatography coupled with mass detector (GC-MS)

Analyze of nitrogen “kjeldahl” and volatile acids or bases

Gas Chromatograph 8000 series 2 from Perkin Elmer

VOS ROTA 90/25 : Turbidity Meter from Haffmans

CarboQC : Lab and online beverage carbonation meter from Anton Paar

Alcolyzer® : Alcohol meter for beer and DMA 4500 : Density meter from Anton Paar

Particle Size Analyzer – MALVERN 2600

MICROMERITICS Pulse Chemisorb 2700

MICROMERITICS Multivolume Pycnometer 1305


HPLC chains Waters with managing system Empower2

Automatic titrator METTLER TOLEDO DL55 + Rondolino set-up

METTLER TOLEDO DSC 821 (Differential Scanning Calorimetry)

METTLER TOLEDO TGA/SDTA 851 (Thermogravimetric Analysis)


Gas chromatograph with olfactory detection


Connected skills

Analyze of food fibres

Analyses of volatile compounds in feedingstuffs by multidimensional GC sniffing-ms

Evaluation of the odors and textures of polymers and their raw materials

Identification of substances contributing to the odor of polymers and their raw materials

Study of the glycine's qualities

Heterogeneous catalysts with nickel

Organic acids analyze by HPLC

Analysis of polyols by GC-MS

Analysis of polyols by Purging and Trap GC-MS

Synthetic foam analyses

Brewery : Services and technological assistances

Tasting and analyzes of drinks

Analyze of wort and beer

Analyze of soya hydrolyzed flour

Project of technical aid with the distilling of Biercée

Physicochemical beer analyses

Development of beer recipes

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