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Backed by the century-old reputation of the Institut Meurice (born out of the Institut des Industries de Fermentation) in fermentation technologies, Meurice R&D has helped to increase this expertise and to promote it among industrial partners.

Our expertise centres mainly on the culture of bacteria (Lactics, Bacillus, E.coli, Pseudomonas…) and yeasts (Saccharomyces and Pichia), both natural and genetically modified strains.

The technologies covered include batch, fed-batch and continuous processes (immobilised systems, etc.).

Meurice R&D possesses fermentation capacities from 2 to 200 litres with its associated downstream processing, as well as a brewing yeast propagation unit.

The widespread research conducts concerns the optimisation of production of starters (yeasts or bacteria), probiotics, metabolites (organic acids, bioethanol, flavourings, natural anti-oxidants, etc.) and the expression of proteins of interest.

The applications concern not only the agri-foodstuff and brewing sectors but also those of pharmaceutical biotechnology (therapeutic or diagnostic agents) and the environment.


Connected persons

 Laurence Van Nedervelde

 Anne Pietercelie

 Monique Dillemans

 Alain Durieux

 Catherine Saint-Hubert


Connected equipment

Gas chromatography

Gas chromatography coupled with mass detector (GC-MS)

Proteins Purification columns

Äkta Purifier 100

ÄKTA pilot GE Healthcare

LabScan and ImageQuantTL

Autoclave MBG

Fermentation Units 10l

Fermentation Unit 100l

Fermentation Unit 200l

Fermentation Units 2l

Centrifuges CEPA

Filter Press Seitz –Orion

Sorvall centrifuge RC 12B

Filtration unit

Cell disrupter Panda

Gas Chromatograph 8000 series 2 from Perkin Elmer

NIBEM-TPH and Inpack 2000 from Haffmans

Beer filtration pilot plant

VOS ROTA 90/25 : Turbidity Meter from Haffmans

Micro brewery pilot plant

CarboQC : Lab and online beverage carbonation meter from Anton Paar

Alcolyzer® : Alcohol meter for beer and DMA 4500 : Density meter from Anton Paar


Connected skills

Technological assistance in microbial and enzymatic engineering

Fermentation of micro-organisms on a 200 L pilot scale

Heterologous expression systems for the production of metabolites

Production of two plant lectins by recombinant Pichia pastoris

Production of phytoagglutinin PHA-E

Improvement of processes and formulations containing micro-organisms used in environmental applications

Pilot scale culture of micro-organisms

Scaling-up of processes designed for peptides fermentation and purification

Dévéloppement of symbiotic formulations

Immobilization of a mycelial strain by entrapment

Dry formulations of biofongicides

Development of a beer receipt

Brewery : Services and technological assistances

Continuous alcoholic fermentation and yeast propagation in Fed-Batch mode

Fermentation Activator

Physicochemical beer analyses

Use in fermentation of a peptide factor extracted from yeast

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