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Fine Chemistry


At Meurice R&D, research in the field of fine chemistry is focused on increasing environmental efficiency in the chemical synthesis of compounds resulting mainly from fine chemistry itself.

This efficiency is marked by a reduced production of sub-products and waste, as well as a reduction in separation and purification costs. These objectives will be achieved through the development of more selective heterogeneous catalysts, for mild selective hydrogenation and oxidation reactions and for coupling reactions.

The preparation of such catalysts is based on research which has permitted simultaneous interest to be taken in the development and functionalisation of carbonated solids that also find their application as selective adsorbents.

In a more general sense, Meurice R&D displays competence in the traditional fields of organic chemistry and synthesis, and in a certain number of related topics, several of which are found in the polymer and pharmaceutical industries.

Particular expertise has been developed in the photochemical and photobiological field, as well as in the chemistry-biochemistry interface.


Connected persons

 Vincent Dubois

 Alain Durieux

 Stefano Casciato


Connected equipment

Freeze dryer

Gas chromatography coupled with mass detector (GC-MS)


METTLER TOLEDO TGA/SDTA 851 (Thermogravimetric Analysis)

METTLER TOLEDO DSC 821 (Differential Scanning Calorimetry)

Multireactor RADLEYS Tornado IS6 Set-up Overhead stirring system

High pressure Bench Top Reactor PARR 4521

Tube furnaces CARBOLITE MTF 12/38/250 and LENTON CSC 12/--/600H

HPLC chains Waters with managing system Empower2


MICROMERITICS Multivolume Pycnometer 1305

MICROMERITICS Pulse Chemisorb 2700

Particle Size Analyzer MALVERN 2600


Connected skills

Evaluation of the odors and textures of polymers and their raw materials

Identification of substances contributing to the odor of polymers and their raw materials

Heterogeneous catalysts with nickel

Study of the hydrogenation of aminonitriles on nickel and cobalt of Raney

Catalysts with cobalt

Spray drying of latex

Heterologous expression systems for the production of metabolites

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