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The CERIA Campus

The Institut Meurice is carrying on the traditions of the Institut Supérieur de Brasserie et de Distillerie (higher institute of brewing and distilling) and the Institut de Chimie Pratique (institute of practical chemistry) from which it originated.
Since 1972, it has been located entirely on the campus of the CERIA (Centre d'Enseignement et de Recherche des Industries Alimentaires et Chimiques - Centre for Education and Research for Food and Chemical Industries) in Brussels, which is also home to the Institut de Recherches Microbiologiques Jean-Marie Wiame specialising in fundamental research into molecular biology and microbial genetics.

Consequently, the campus has for a number of years already, been a centre of excellence both in the agri-foodstuffs field and those of chemistry and biochemistry. Its multiple components have enabled the CERIA to forge an international reputation.

Since 1995, under the aegis of the French Community Commission of the Brussels-Capital Region, the Institut Meurice has been integrated with the Haute Ecole Lucia de Brouckère.

Meurice R&D

Because the demands of industry are increasing and diversifying, because the scientists from the Institut Meurice have acquired renowned expertise, and because they are constantly following the development of techniques and technologies, they founded the Meurice Recherche et Développement association in 1994, within which they were joined in 2001 by their colleagues from the Institut de Recherches Microbiologiques Jean-Marie Wiame.

It is also within this framework that they carry out their applied research activities through bilateral or subsidised research contracts, along with services to industry and the public authorities.

This organisation has a dual effect of improving the institute’s equipment and maintaining various up-to-date skill centres there which are beneficial to the training of the students.

This collaboration with companies and external organisations has enabled it to reach, in international terms, a scientific level comparable to that of the top applied research centres of the universities and grandes écoles.

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